Friday, October 27, 2006


Stan Walker

Global Warming, my problem? Or yours?

What role does the next generation have on the ever a parent global warming and the end of human society?
The role the next generation plays in the world today is dependent on their mindset from the generation they live it.

If the generation’s mindset is “everything is alright”, “nothing is wrong, turn on the baseball game and crack open a cold one” we are going to be in a lot of trouble. That is the mindset the world is in now. Al gore made that apparent in his movie “an inconvenient truth”. The movie was about global warming and how is going to affect the world if we don’t change the way we live in it. He had graphs and movie shorts on how the water levels were going to raise once all the ice caps melted. Then he showed a bird’s eye view of Manhattan New York City and then everyone in the theater and every one was in amazement and it sounded like everyone was holding there breathe, and they realized oh my god this could happened and it will be devastating.

Andy handed out a handout that was about a man named Leopold and he wrote an essay about land ethics. There is a part “Leopold’s final essay in a sand county almanac..” where he talked about all this stuff where we say these things about how much we love and care for the land and we need it to survive. He explains it like this “…that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts” then he goes on saying that people may have to work together to reach this and also may in fact have to compete. This means that there are a bunch of people that work together and with out each other they won’t be able to work and within each other they compete for the top goal therefore working even harder and better. And land ethics are similar in the fact all land works together and without each other they can’t work together and become great, and when I say land I mean everything soil, waters, plants, and animals come together to make the land that we live on. But this is like communism looks good on paper but that’s all it looks good with. In the real world we do no look at our land like the national anthem: land of the free and home of the brave. We look at it like our dumping site and way to make cheap, easy, fast money. This essay was written 1982 and it still holds water today, ironic huh holds water. But if back then Leopold said this and “the lorax” you were reading to go to bed every night say the same thing maybe it is time for a less sublimable message. People need to change there mindsets and we are the next generation and after this there could possibly be no other time. We need to think of some great way to fix the problem or just stop making problems.

When I was 6 years old I read the book “The Lorax”. I really didn’t remember it when I was told we were going to read a Dr. Seuss book in history class. But I am dam well sure I wasn’t thinking about global warming and I no for a fact my mother wasn’t reading it to me so I could jog my mind about the subject. The book has a great concept, even some shades of Shakespeare. There is a bad guy a good guy and a problem what else could you want perfect for a story. The book was a perfect analogy of the real world we live in, in the United States of America a asshole of a guy makes something that he doesn’t even know will sell at the expense of another living thing, and in the end makes a huge amount of money and gives nothing back to the thing he took it from. In the book the asshole guy is the onceler and the good guy is the lorax and the onceler makes some hideous sweatshirt. In the real world you can have this analogy for anything but mostly its not an asshole guy is guys, plural with an S. The guys take whatever they please either it be trees that they don’t plant back. Or water, which they don’t recycle. And even people, in which they don’t pay well or pay at all. Either way you look at it they get what they want. There really aren’t any good guys or guy or even female that anyone knows about because if there was he or she would be dead, because of the US government. So there you have it if this concept of basically don’t shit where you eat has been told in 1982 and in children’s reading books there needs to be some understanding at the teenage level and not only should it be brought to our attention but after we realize what is going on we need to change it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My descriptive/normative metaphor

My descriptive metaphor is a male order bride and “your father”. The male order bride is the earth and “your father” is human society, the male order bride is from Europe and wants to come to the country and secretly just wants an easy way in to the us instead of going thru the hole immigration process, she doesn’t want to get married she just wants in. “your father” wants a wife but is way to ugly and obnoxious to land him a American woman, so he had to go out of country to get him a woman. When he finally called got the information and gave his credit card he was in he got the woman of his dreams, this is what he thought. She found out the news and she was so happy that she could move and live in America and meet up with he long lost love of her life in America.
The male order bride has her own priorities and “your father” has his own reasons to think he knows what the bride is going to do and what she is doing but really he just thinks he knows this in reality he has no control and going to end up poor and in a worst situation than he was in before he ordered the male order bride.