Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Last Flight of Doctor Ain.

when i first read this story i was confused but got the main idea of the text. i understood Ain was the "man" and the bad guy and the naked woman was "mother earth". and Ain was watching her die and letting it happened and moving on with his life of traveling. then i read the story again and realized two other big parts the fact he has the flu and that's how he is killed but also his speech and if he was such a good debater and a fiery arguer. then he goes off on the deep end talking about this virus that is mutation of the leukemia virus and tells them about the effects and how no primate or accidentally exposed human has survived beyond the 22nd day. so i really don't know what the deal is I'm as confused as the Adam riddle.

i wouldn't know how to stop a Dr. ain i think he would be a sneaky guy that wouldn't tell anyone what he was up to till the point and time in witch it was beneficial to himself and then he would let you know who he was and what he was exactly doing but till then no one would know and he would end up taking over the world and running everything. but this is where I'm confused is he dies and that's the end of the story and they don't talk about the naked girl so i just don't get this one.

Monday, December 18, 2006

What role does the next generation have on the ever apparent global climate change and the threats that will bring an abrupt end to the human society?

Stan Walker
History Paper

If the generation’s mindset is “everything is alright”, “nothing is wrong, turn on the baseball game and crack open a cold one” we are going to be in a lot of trouble. That is the mindset the world is in now. Al Gore made that apparent in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. The movie was about global warming and how is going to affect the world if we don’t change the way we live in it. He had graphs and movie shorts on how the water levels were going to raise once all the ice caps melted. Then he showed a bird’s eye view of Manhattan New York City and then everyone in the theater and every one was in amazement and it sounded like everyone was holding there breathe, and they realized oh my god this could happened and it will be devastating. The next chapter of the human society and global climate change depends on the minds set of the next generation. There are many threats that directly affect the way we are living our lives and the human society as a hole. The first couple are global climate change witch was shown in the Al Gores movie. Then there is the very confusing theory of peak oil, there are many book on the topic one being “Power Down” written by Richard Heinberg. He states that peak oil is upon us and there is nothing we can do. But having all these problems facing us there is always an answer but we cant answer them if the next generation witch is a last hope is distracted we have to get out of the mood and understand the reality of the situation. But as it is right now there is no way we can get past this we need a huge pivotal moment that changes everything and that moment needs to come very soon.

He talked about all this stuff where we say these things about how much we love and care for the land and we need it to survive. He explains it like this “…that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts” then he goes on saying that people may have to work together to reach this and also may in fact have to compete. This means that there are bunches of people that work together and with out each other they won’t be able to work and within each other they compete for the top goal therefore working even harder and better. And land ethics are similar in the fact all land works together and without each other they can’t work together and become great, and when I say land I mean everything soil, waters, plants, and animals come together to make the land that we live on. But this is like communism looks good on paper but that’s all it looks good with. In the real world we do no look at our land like the national anthem: land of the free and home of the brave. We look at it like our dumping site and way to make cheap, easy, fast money. This essay was written 1982 and it still holds water today, ironic huh holds water. If Leopold was saying this in 1982 that must mean something that he had the power to write about anything but he picked this because he thought it was so important to tell people.

When I was 6 years old I read the book “The Lorax”. I really didn’t remember it when I was told we were going to read a Dr. Seuss book in history class. But I am dam well sure I wasn’t thinking about global warming and I no for a fact my mother wasn’t reading it to me so I could jog my mind about the subject. The book has a great concept, even some shades of Shakespeare. There is a bad guy a good guy and a problem what else could you want perfect for a story. The book was a perfect analogy of the real world we live in, in the United States of America a devil of a guy makes something that he doesn’t even know will sell at the expense of another living thing, and in the end makes a huge amount of money and gives nothing back to the thing he took it from. In the book the guy is the onceler and the good guy is the lorax and the onceler makes some hideous sweatshirt. In the real world you can have this analogy for anything but mostly its not a guy is guys, plural with an S. The guys take whatever they please either it be trees that they don’t plant back. Or water, which they don’t recycle. And even people, in which they don’t pay well or pay at all. Either way you look at it they get what they want. There really aren’t any good guys or guy or even female that anyone knows about because if there was he or she would be dead, because of the US government. So there you have it if this concept of basically don’t shit where you eat has been told in 1982 and in children’s reading books there needs to be some understanding at the teenage level and not only should it be brought to our attention but after we realize what is going on we need to change it.

After reading the Unabomber’s manifesto in the book we were given in class it hit me. Do we need a Unabomber in this error to make us the next generation realize there needs drastic changes in the human society. I think that if everyone had a chance to read his manifesto and think “what if?” then there can be a whole lot brighter future a head of us. The fact that he had the creativity to think hey maybe the way the society is run is to make us in to more obedient slaves to follow this idea of everyone be nice and happy and work together to meet this common place that we call happiness. To think that maybe if everyone followed this grow up go to school get an education, depended on your education depends on the job you can acquire then that depends on how much money you make and in turn how much happiness you have.

“He survived being captured by the Nazis and the suicide of his mother to write some of the funniest, darkest novels of our time, but it took George W. Bush to break him” (Douglas) Kurt Vonnegut easily the greatest American author of this decade, and he has been through some tough stuff. Apart of the American army when we were in Germany taking down the vicious dictator Hitler. He has written fourteen novels six essays collections and dozens of short stories, but still he is furious at what bush is doing and what the world is coming too. “You talk about the gluttonous Roaring Twenties. That was nothing.”(Douglas) 1920s the companies got really rich and broke the unions and spent all of there money on nothing, wasting it. He is trying to say if you compare what we are doing now with our money to what we were doing with it before it is chump change.

The movie was about Cuba and how much they were depended on oil from the Soviet Union. Then as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed they had no oil they couldn’t afford it. So they had to find another way. The way of life needed a huge change and that change was more farming and less decencies on oil. They had roof gardens providing for entire apartments. Instead of using tractors and machines to do the farming they used manual labor. If Cuba could change there way of living in a few years it is possible for the generation I live in to get our acts together and plant a tree (The Power of Community). We could try and see what happens, what will it take for everyone one in our human society to see that we need a change. Is peak oil going to be so apparent we will no choice but to change and get rid of this take, take, take give once way of life?

Exxon made an advertisement in the paper few months ago saying that we hadn’t used up all of our oil, even that “we have only used one third or the world’s oil since the dawn of man”. That is a true statement but it gives the topic a new “shinier” light. We have used one third of the world’s oil since the dawn of time but we didn’t use oil since the dawn of time only a few decades. Also we have used a third of the oil that is easy to dig and find all the other oil is hard to get to and will take more money to get then how much the oil is actually worth.

If teenagers and soon to be teenagers love music, sports and movies and they base there lives on them then the people trying to get the message out that our human society is going to collapse should use that to there advantage. They should find a way to get musicians and baseball players to do something that will change things. U2 has collaborated with Greenday to make a new music video called “the saints are coming” and they portray the environment in New Orleans. They show the hardship people are going through and then they digitally add fighter jets dropping aid, helicopters helping stranded people on roof tops. I am not sure if this turned heads in the masses but if they can get air time to play a video like that why can’t 50 cent show how his block in queens will be under water in 20 years because of the global climate change. Why cant Albert pujols make a commercial about planting a tree in his old home country, or even take the fourteen million dollars a year he makes, take a million send it to a charity that needs the money to go forward with the fight against global climate change

But if back then Leopold said this and “the lorax” you were reading to go to bed every night say the same thing maybe it is time for a less sublimable message. People need to change there mindsets and we are the next generation and after this there could possibly be no other time. We need to think of some great way to fix the problem or just change completely and that all lies on the shoulders of the next generation my generation. The mass of people that will cripple society as we know it or change it and make our own new way of life, better for everyone.

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