Wednesday, September 20, 2006

precis and analysis on Power Down

america has changed, and not for the good. we turned from a self sufficient country to a country that needs to have its hand held through life. from the climbing of the population and the changing of the climate to us not having enough resources to live our lives for the next 10 years. not only are we as a planet doing this but we pretend like we are doing nothing. as the planet is being raped and asaulted we still unknowingly use and do things without consciousness that are very bad.

i dont really buy this mr. Heinberg. what exactly are you saying, and after you anwser that what is your anwser to the problem you are predicting so forcefully? i would have to put this book up in the air i guess i can belive it but i also belived "in a million peices" if you know what i mean. Mr. Heinberg could just be making the money and saying all these outrageous views. he could be the jose concesco of the global warming world.

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