Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My descriptive/normative metaphor

My descriptive metaphor is a male order bride and “your father”. The male order bride is the earth and “your father” is human society, the male order bride is from Europe and wants to come to the country and secretly just wants an easy way in to the us instead of going thru the hole immigration process, she doesn’t want to get married she just wants in. “your father” wants a wife but is way to ugly and obnoxious to land him a American woman, so he had to go out of country to get him a woman. When he finally called got the information and gave his credit card he was in he got the woman of his dreams, this is what he thought. She found out the news and she was so happy that she could move and live in America and meet up with he long lost love of her life in America.
The male order bride has her own priorities and “your father” has his own reasons to think he knows what the bride is going to do and what she is doing but really he just thinks he knows this in reality he has no control and going to end up poor and in a worst situation than he was in before he ordered the male order bride.

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belnogueira said...

where is your normative metaphor?stanley i think we both know you are old enough to be organized enough to perform such as simple task