Sunday, January 28, 2007

fianl draft..

Give the people what they really need, not a Feed.
Stan Walker
The book Feed by M.T. Anderson is a book based on the world based on this chip implanted in your brain. The chip implanted in your brain is called the feed. The feed runs your entire life and it taking over your body and killing it. The feed causes your body to get lesions and these lesions are the side effects of the feed decaying your body. This is not a big deal to everyone because they all have the feed and the feed is telling them that everything is fine and lesions are the cool new thing. Sounds familiar? When all people in high places, politicians and oil companies tell you that peak oil is not happening its all a hoax, but in reality it is and we need to change nobody buys it because we all believe or want to believe that peak oil is not happening. So like the book we all have lesions being the peak oil situation and we are doing nothing about it.
The feed is run by the corporations and they tell the feed what to do and in turn the feed tells you what to do. In the essence of algebra the corporations run you. In the book the corporations run the school.
“Now that School(TM) is run by the corporations, it’s pretty brag, because it teaches you how the world can be used, like mainly how to use our feeds. Also, it’s good because that way we know that the big corps are made up of real human beings, and not just jerks out for money, because taking care of children, they care about America’s future. It’s an investment in tomorrow.” Page 109-110
Seeing as everyone who goes to school has all the knowledge they would ever want they teach the student how to uses there feeds. The corporations own the feeds, and the school and the feed owns you and you go to school to learn about how to use the feed. The corporations have you in one big revolving door in reality it is a nightmare revolving door but seeing as the corporation owns everything they will make you think (feed) that everything is good and we are all happy.
The Feed is a distraction. It does not allow you the person having the feed to have a level headed frame of mind it puts you in this great morphine feeling where nothing is bad and you can have anything you want. In the life we live it today is not that drastic but when you buy those new Jordan’s from the store you get this unbelievably good feeling and the world stands still that you now have these Jordan’s that you spent your entire allowance on and now you feel so good just to have them it is the same feeling. But then that feeling ends when you leave the store and see this kid with the new ipod phone and that is want you want to get that feeling again. It just shows that we need materialistic things to make us feel good. We are so out of touch with the world and the earth that we barely have any hands on jobs and if there are any they are to make things to help avoid hands on activities for others.
The world they live in collapsing and they do not even notice. The reason they do not notice is because they are so distracted by the feed. And they think if anything bad was going to ever happen the feed would let them know. But the feed knows this and keeps the person distracted and they never find out. The same with the world we live in today if there really is a bad problem the people would think that the government and media would let the people know that there is a problems but that is not what is going too happened. The media and government is going to try to twist it so that everything keeps going smoothly and they are still getting paid.

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Juggleandhope said...


This was a strong essay - several of your points/metaphors (for instance the nightmare revolving door and the connection to the only hands on jobs left being to help others avoid getting their hands dirty) were very insightful.

If you had 3-4 more really strong points like that, you could publish this in a magazine. As it is, the next time I teach this book, I might have the students read your essay.