Thursday, January 25, 2007

first draft essay due 1/26

Andy, i am not compltely finished with my book but i will by saturday i threw some ideas together it looks promising i hope all is well and if you are checking blogs, if not i have printed this out and will hand to you on fri.

The book Feed written by M.T. Anderson is about a boy named Titus. He lives in a world just like the one we live in today but different. When everyone is born they are given a “feed” and from this feed you can do just about everything. It is your very own knowledge, helper, and basically personality. It runs your life. It tells you what kind of clothes to wear how to buy them and when and where to buy them. It teaches you any and everything you need to know. The feed runs your life.
The feed is run by the corporations and they tell the feed what to do and in turn the feed tells you what to do. In the essence of algebra the corporations run you. In the book the corporations run the school.
“Now that School(TM) is run by the corporations, it’s pretty brag, because it teaches you how the world can be used, like mainly how to use our feeds. Also, it’s good because that way we know that the big corps are made up of real human beings, and not just jerks out for money, because taking care of children, they care about America’s future. It’s an investment in tomorrow.” Page 109-110
Seeing as everyone who goes to school has all the knowledge they would ever want they teach the student how to uses there feeds. The corporations own the feeds, and the school and the feed owns you and you go to school to learn about how to use the feed. The corporations have you in one big revolving door in reality it is a nightmare revolving door but seeing as the corporation owns everything they will make you think (feed) that everything is good and we are all happy.

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